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The Chains of Aether
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Chains "the Kinglslayers"

Nosocoma, Jul 8, 10 3:56 PM.

And so the long-wished-for day has finally arrived. 

The chains of Aether have finally succeeded in downing the Lich King.

I wish i had a nice and lovely story to tell about skies and butterflies but all that comes to mind is the remaining excitement of our latest kill!

With this, our Guild has finally managed to gracefully master every content of this expansion. It is known that we have killed Halion on his virgin week and The Lich King on the one after  xD

My warmest and dearest gratitude to everyone who contributed. All of the officers, our GM, Seltek in helping us down Sindragossa in group 2 and many more.

The final blow was given by the following players to whom i owe my title to:

Letwia (GM - awesome heal, awesome tank nothing less!)
Tiao & Marilyn ( Our master healers couple that manages to contribute in oh so many ways as well deserved officers)
Norik (or Azemina if you want, for his awesome dps and healing, knowing every tricky bit about the fights, and his cool temper and dedication, without you mate i wouldn't have come so far)
Tyrannius (for being a highly skilled and dependable tank, its been a pleasure to tank with you, no exaggerations!)
Charnette, Fejzo, Thandera (for being reliable dpsers that can truly make a difference in every aspect of the fights)
Nightmc (well for being a cunt and leaving on our previous 10% attempt. Hehe, just kidding. This is our only caster, congrats for all the skill you ve showed us)

Before concluding, my very special thanks to Darketernity and Maddie for helping us reach phase3 on our previous nights. (Madz you know you ve been the one to deserve the title more than myself for every bit of patience you ve shown, all the regents you ve farmed, passing your spot for others and for being one hell of a female raider!)
Finally, special regards and comforting thoughts throughout the whole night to Cyborgen for helping me in game and out of it to lead the raid as far as i could. I truly hope you could pass my title to you man...)

Enough now with the small talk hehe, i 've never been good in this crap so here goes:



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Chains "the Kinglslayers"
Jul 8, 10 3:56 PM
The Rise of Group 2
Jun 29, 10 5:32 AM
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